There won’t be a genuine festive season or a dazzling end of the year event without the traditional review on the best endeavors of the past 12 months. It is with pleasure and great pride, that we look back at the growing number of followers on our Social Media Channels as well as at the amazing feedback we have received for our Ultradent Products blog so far. Can you guess which blog posts were the three most popular and therefore most read ones? We took the liberty to collect them for you. Et voilà: the "Top 3 Blog Posts 2021".

  1. White Lines Around the Restoration Margins?
    Definitely No Longer with PermaSealTM!

    Clinicians are familiar with the development of a white line at the junction between composite and tooth structure. One way to avoid this phenomenon is to fill up the micro-gap with an unfilled penetrating sealer. With the proven PermaSeal composite sealer, its lowest viscosity compared to other sealers on the market and its excellent wettability you will for sure be able to avoid these disturbing white lines around your restoration margins in the future. Curious how this treatment works? Read more...
  2. Award-Winning Newcommer:
    The UmbrellaTM Tongue, Lip and Cheeck retractor

    Being one of the latest members of our product range, the Umbrella tongue, lip and cheek retractor has already been awarded with the "Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award 2021". This displays impressively the countless positive aspects and benefits, which Umbrella provides to users and patients. Would you like to have a more open access to your working field, maintaining an ideal patient comfort at the same time? Do not hesitate and read more...
  3. OpalescenceTM Endo & The Walking Bleach Method:
    Efficient, minimally invasive aesthetics for endodontically treated anterior teeth

    Especially in the anterior region, minimally invasive, aesthetic treatments become increasingly important, also when it comes to endodontic treatments. Therefore, a genuinely holistic endodontic approach is required. To preserve the natural tooth substance, a composite restoration combined with an internal tooth whitening, using the Opalescence Endo whitening gel — also known as "walking bleach method”— should be considered. Have a look at outstanding results and highly satisfied patients here...