A user report by dentist Sara Jalili


Tooth whitening protocols can be as complex as the selection of the appropriate whitening agent. Whenever patients with discolored teeth require a flexible, comfortable, and uncomplicated cosmetic teeth whitening treatment, the solution in our dental practice is Opalescence Go whitening gel. The reasons are simple and self-explanatory: the whitening gel with 6% hydrogen peroxide is ready to use right out of the package. It is a trustworthy material due to its easy handling, short wear times, and amazing results. Opalescence Go whitening is ideally suited for almost all patients as long as they do not have too many restorations in the anterior region, which of course cannot be whitened.


We regularly receive a lot of positive feedback from happy patients who have achieved a whiter and brighter smile thanks to Opalescence Go whitening. The prefilled UltraFit trays are available in kits, containing 10 upper and lower jaw trays (Fig. 1). The patients can easily place the trays in the mouth and the whitening process can begin immediately (Fig. 2).

Opalescence GO Mint Box with Tray 3D-1Fig. 1: Opalescence Go whitening kit with 10 prefilled UltraFit trays.


Patient with UltrFit Tray Fig. 2: Patient wearing UltraFit trays.

Before we initiate the whitening protocol, our patients receive a professional tooth cleaning treatment in order to remove stains, plaque, and superficial discolorations. Afterwards we instruct the patients in the practice, on how to use Opalescence Go whitening properly:


  1. After having brushed their teeth, Opalescence Go’s exclusive UltraFit trays should be worn for 60-90 minutes.
  2. Having been instructed in our practice, the patient is able to continue the whitening process at home, normally using one tray per day until results are achieved. Usually, 5-10 trays are
  3. Thanks to its PF formula (potassium nitrate and fluoride) the Opalescence whitening gel is very Sensitivities occur very rarely. In these cases, fluoride varnishes or gels can be used during and after the treatment.


In case any UltraFit trays are left over after having reached the desired whitening results, the patients can store them in the refrigerator and use them later for a quick touch-up.


The Opalescence Go whitening kit additionally contains OpalescenceTM whitening toothpaste, which can help to maintain the bright tooth colour over time.

Opalescence Go_Before and after_ENFig. 3: Before and after the whitening treatment with Opalescence Go whitening.


Fig. 3 shows a 24-year-old male patient before and after a whitening treatment with Opalescence Go whitening. After seven days, a great result was achieved, and the patient was happy with his new natural smile. Thus, he can use the three remaining trays at a later stage – whenever it will become necessary.


The Opalescence whitening system has been available for decades. Therefore, it is well- known by both patients and dentists.

Opalescence whitening is only available in the dental practice, which helps us to gain our patients trust.


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