SOUTH JORDAN, Utah April 15, 2024. Dr. Dan Fischer, founder and CEO-emeritus of South-Jordan-based Ultradent Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-tech dental materials and equipment, was recently named as one of two individuals in the country inducted into national dental publication—Incisal Edge Magazine’s annual “Dental Innovators Hall-of-Fame”. Dr. Fischer is called “the most prolific American dental inventor over the last 30 years,” as well as applauded the global power and legacy of his "positive influence, clinical achievement, ingenuity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and giving.”

Edward Kobesky of Incisal Edge says, “Every year, there’s a spirited discussion (or argument, depending on whom you talk to) among the Incisal Edge team over potential Hall of Fame candidates. This year, one name prompted no dissent: Dr. Dan Fischer.” He continues, “The internationally recognized doctor built his highly successful company, Ultradent Products, founded in 1978, from a basement operation to a global powerhouse selling more than 550 products worldwide (including disposables, curing lights, lasers, composites and bonding, teeth whitening, and more).”

He continues, saying that during an audit of dental patents conducted by the publication in 2018, Dr. Fischer’s name “appeared on 1.5 percent of all dental patents, topped only by the likes of 3M, whose roughly $32 billion annual revenue is 45 times that of Ultradent Products. Proof that great ideas can move mountains.”

The piece goes on to tell the remarkable story of Ultradent Products’ founding, and how over the last 45 years, it’s stayed committed to its core values and ethics, as well as how it continues to operate as a proud USA-manufacturer, making 95% of what it sells right here in South Jordan. Ultradent Products sells the majority of its award-winning products abroad (in 130 countries and counting), in what Dr. Fischer famously deems “the opposite of outsourcing”.

Some of Ultradent Products’ most notable products include Opalescence™ teeth whitening, the VALO™ curing light family, its variety of Ultrapak™ knitted cord offerings, Peak™ Universal Bond adhesive solution,Ultra-Etch™ etchant, and the Gemini™ dual-wavelength diode laser.

Kobesky adds, “We proudly welcome him into our Hall of Fame—a living legend who’s still teaching dental students, and still a passionate hands-on R&D man, after 46 years at the company he built.”

Click here to read Incisal Edge’s Hall-of-Fame Induction piece dedicated to honoring Dr. Fischer’s many achievements, his code-of-ethics, and his many philosophies which have resulted in his and Ultradent Products’ remarkable legacy.