Long and eagerly awaited, the IDS (International Dental Show, 14 – 18 March 2023) in Cologne will finally unite the dental experts from all over the world again.

Our Ultradent Products teams are also caught in the IDS preparations and are looking forward to meeting you at our booth J010-K029 in hall 11.3. You are cordially invited to have a look at our outstanding innovations as well as our proven products. Likewise, you should not miss the chance to benefit from our attractive sales promotions.

 Talking about our new products, literally “All good things come in threes”: the VALOTM X LED curing light, the HaloTM sectional matrix system and the Gemini EVOTM diode laser.

First, the award-winning VALOTM LED curing light family got a new member: using broadband technology, the completely redesigned VALO™ X is convincing due to its high-level technology and its extraordinary design. The VALO X meets all expectations regarding stability, performance, handling comfort and versatility. Thanks to its larger lens (12.5 mm diameter) and its powerful custom LED chipset, the VALO X curing light delivers a more complete cure than ever before. Its superior features allow the users to cure with confidence when it comes to curing depth, beam collimation, and thermal management. The VALO X curing light is equipped with two curing modes (Standard Power and Xtra Power) and two diagnostic light modes (black light and white light). The unique accelerometer allows an easy cycling between the curing and diagnostic modes with just the wave of the wand. Additionally, the VALO X light scores with a range of versatile accessory lenses, which further enhance its capabilities.

Second, the new Halo™ sectional matrix system grants the creation of consistent, beautiful, and anatomically contoured composite restorations in less time. The system includes all necessary components, such as nitinol rings, stainless steel matrix bands, and plastic wedges. The high-quality components are suitable for dealing with most of the clinical challenges associated with posterior restorations and are designed to work together perfectly. Creating consistently tight contacts, Halo meets the expectations of users and patients regarding the longevity of the restorations, by creating extremely anatomically accurate interproximal contacts. The outstanding force of its nitinol rings and the active wedging provided by the rigid plastic wedges provides a better tooth separation. Single tooth or back-to-back restorations can be easily placed. The unique beak design of the Halo rings offers an improved tridimensional adaptation, saving precious time and effort for occlusal and proximal adjustments plus finishing. Besides many other advantages, organizing the Halo system is made easy with the unique carousel dispenser, which features a great way of arranging and storing all components safely, visibly, and hygienically.

Third, the Gemini EVO™ diode laser adds new benefits to laser dentistry. The next generation of the proven Gemini 810 + 980 soft tissue diode laser features faster cutting proficiencies, a lower heat generation and ultra-clean incisions – for a more effective user and patient experience than ever before. The intuitive Gemini EVO software facilitates the planning of treatment times and helps to define the ideal treatment settings. The Gemini EVO app and dashboard provide usage statistics, giving usability insights in real-time. Based on 16 pre-set procedures, the streamlined display and user interface ensure a more intuitive and user-friendly control. The illumination of the tip is among the best of its class.

Opalescence™ has been the #1 tooth whitening system for many years. Make sure you participate in the OpalescenceTM Go whitening live test at our booth. Opalescence Go (6% hydrogen peroxide) for cosmetic tooth whitening is ready to use out of the box. The pre-filled, convenient, and disposable UltraFit™ trays offer comfortable and short wearing times as well as amazing results. Get a brighter whiter smile!

 Moreover, respective chairside demonstrations with the well-known OpalescenceTM tooth whitening products are awaiting the visitors at the Ultradent Products booth.


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