By Daniel Lewis

Diode lasers are reshaping how many dental procedures are performed and continued innovation is creating avenues for improved quality of patient care. The Gemini EVO™ diode laser sets new watermarks when it comes to efficiency and ease of use in laser dentistry.

“To tell you the truth, we have [redacted] lasers in our office, and we are boxing them up right now. We aren’t going to use them anymore,” says Dr. Jaimeé Morgan, DDS, after using the Gemini EVO laser in her office.  

The Gemini EVO laser includes a foot pedal and three PBM adapters.

Building on the foundation of the original Gemini™ laser, the Gemini EVO laser offers an enhanced user interface with dozens of presets, additional power, and first-of-its-kind analytics to refine your experience while tracking performance and revenue. 

“The [Gemini EVO laser] is one of those pieces of equipment that I would like to surround in a big gold box and tour it around my office to show everyone this cool piece of equipment I have,” Morgan says of the sleek visual appearance. While it’s sure to garner attention from your patients, what’s ‘under the hood’ is even more impressive.

The simplicity of the Gemini EVO laser stands out to Dr. Morgan. Presets allow users to seamlessly switch between a wide variety of functions without tinkering with settings. “This is so nice because of its ease of use. And dentistry is hard enough, even if you love your job. At the end of the day, [clinicians] have stress. So why would I want a piece of equipment that I really have to think about every time I use it? With [the Gemini EVO laser] it’s just ‘turn it on, enter your password, and go to a preset.’ And then if it’s not cutting fast enough you up it, if it’s cutting too fast you take it down. It’s just so, so, so simple.”

The standard tip for the Gemini EVO laser


The revolutionary app and Dashboard included with the Gemini EVO laser give real-time data to measure and improve usability. The laser interfaces with an app on your desktop or phone, showing details on performance and procedures. This data allows users to track revenue generated from the Gemini EVO laser. “It’s really cool to have it keep track [of revenue],” Morgan says. “This is something that’s going to allow you to provide more, and better, services for your patients and you’ll actually recoup the money you invested . . . I mean, you know a lot of those fancy machines dentists have around their offices? Do they ever recoup their investment on those? Probably not,” she says with a chuckle. “But with [the Gemini EVO laser], you most definitely will, in a short period of time.”

The increased power of the Gemini EVO laser over its predecessor translates to faster cutting for the clinician. “With the original Gemini laser, I never had a problem with cutting speed. And this new one cuts better than that,” Morgan says, stressing other factors play a big role in cutting speed. “Using [the Gemini EVO laser] isn’t a matter of going in there and sprinkling laser dust on a patient and you can just say ‘oh look! It got done!’ It still comes down to the clinician and how stable their hand is, like with any cutting instrument, because you can only cut so fast on a human body. But there’s no drag with the Gemini EVO [laser].”

Photobiomodulation tips included with the Gemini EVO laser.


“I’ve had doctors say ‘Yeah, I have lasers and they’re in my closet. I tried to use them and they they never work so I just tossed them in the closet.’ And I think, ‘well that’s sad, because now you have one that really cuts,’” Morgan says. “You should just try it,” she adds emphatically. “I’m a true believer.”

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