User report by Dr. Elisa Jurianz

One of my patients arranged an appointment in our practice, wishing to get whiter teeth. She was unhappy with her tooth color and especially with the fact that her teeth's cervical regions were significantly darker. The regular consumption of coffee was a visible cause for the discoloration of the tooth surfaces. The patient presented no fillings, allergies, or any other health restrictions.

Prior to the whitening treatment, I pointed out the need for a professional tooth cleaning to remove external discolorations and stains. Additionally, I informed the patient about the potential risk of sensitivities during whitening treatment. In many cases, tooth whitening protocols are the ideal way to achieve brighter, whiter teeth. Existing fillings or restorations, however, cannot be whitened, e. g. crowns and bridges.

First, we determined the patient’s tooth colour, which turned out to be an A3 (VITA Shade) (Fig.1).

Considering the given circumstances and the fact that the patient was looking for a cost-effective treatment to start with, I recommended the Opalescence™ PF 10% and Opalescence Go™ whitening gels by Ultradent Products. Due to its ease of use and its uncomplicated handling, the patient decided to go for Opalescence Go whitening.

Fig. 1: Before tooth whitening

The prefilled Opalescence Go trays only require a short wearing time of 60-90 minutes. Therefore, they can be used flexibly – even spontaneously and in between other activities.

After the professional tooth cleaning with an air polishing device, we placed the first Opalescence Go tray (upper and lower jaw) in the patient’s mouth (Fig.2). This step was performed in our practice. 

Fig. 2: Upper Tray

Beside a detailed instruction, the patient received all necessary information regarding the individual use of Opalescence Go whitening at home. It is for example important to use the trays marked with a "U" (upper) for the upper jaw and the trays marked with an "L" (lower) for the lower jaw. After being inserted into the mouth, the trays should be sucked on for two seconds.

After the initial treatment and instruction, I handed over four prefilled, ready-to-use Opalescence Go trays to the patient so she could continue the whitening treatment at home.

During the first two days, the patient used one pair of trays daily. As slight sensitivities occurred, she paused the whitening treatment for one day after each use. This way, the sensitivities against cold effects disappeared again. Additionally, she brushed her teeth with the Opalescence™ Whitening Toothpaste, which she found to be very pleasant.

After having used all trays, the patient visited our practice again for a check-up. She was very pleased with the results. The dark tooth necks were lightened up and the result showed an overall A2 VITA shade (Fig. 3/4).

Fig. 3 & 4: After the tooth whitening treatment with Opalescence Go whitening


Patient’s experience:

"The Opalescence Go trays are comfortable to wear."

"Sensitivities occurred sporadically, however they disappeared again within a very short time."

"Opalescence Go is easy and uncomplicated to use, for example just before an event or during the car ride to the next appointment."



About the User

Dr. Elisa Jurianz

Berlin, Germany



2009 - 2011 Formation as dental assistant

2011 - 2016 Studies of dentistry at the Martin-Luther-University, Halle (Saale)

2019 Doctor in periodontology, Halle (Saale)

2016-2020 Assistant and employed dentist

since 2021: Private Practice in Berlin-Schmargendorf


Further trainings

2018/19 Curriculum CMD

since 2017 Several advanced trainings in conservative, periodontological and prosthetic dentistry