A quality matrix system is necessary for a large percentage of restorative cases, yet many of them fail to deliver elements clinicians need for the quality of work they want to provide. When creating the Halo™ matrix system, a number of areas where identified in which many of the common systems are lacking.

The easy-to-use sectional matrix system allows the creation of consistent, beautiful, and anatomically contoured composite restorations in less time. It offers all necessary components, such as stainless-steel matrix bands, and plastic wedges. With its nitinol rings, lasting more than 1.000 uses, the Halo matrix system is a high-quality system for long-lasting restorations.  

“Since we started using the Halo sectional matrix system, it became an integral part of our everyday routine. The rings are contoured to the curvature of the tooth and presses the band firmly onto the tooth. In the past, composite would sometimes escape adjacent to the bands – thanks to the Halo system this does not happen anymore. The flexible tab makes it easy to place the bands especially in the distal area. I also liked the occlusally curved contour that shapes a beautiful marginal ridge. In summary, I am very satisfied with the Halo system!”

- Dr. Verena Freier


These advantages and many more have been reflected by satisfied users worldwide so far. They do not only appreciate the Halo system due to its consistently tight contacts, which mimic the natural tooth anatomy perfectly. They are rather delighted by its easy handling, its well-thought overall concept, and its versatility – not to forget the elaborated storage system thanks to the Halo carousel.  


“I was positively surprised how easily and smoothly the Halo matrix bands could be placed around the tooth. The restorations have an anatomical form, and the composite requires less shaping and finishing compared with other matrix systems. Both the patient and I as the dentist were very satisfied with the result. Another advantage is the ease of application and the reduced risk of injuring a papilla, which may result in bleeding. This is particularly important to avoid during restorative treatment.”

- Dentist at Praxis Zahn3Plus


“The individual components of the Halo sectional matrix system can be used intuitively and are easily introduced into the treatment process. My team of clinicians and I feel that the Halo System is a significant improvement to the restorative treatment for our patients with large cavities, especially when it comes to proximal contacts.”

- Dr. med. dent. Sasan Harun-Mahdavi 


The feedback even spans the recommendation for the Halo system to be THE integral part of every practice. What would you wish more for? 


“The various sizes of the matrix bands enable easy restoration in many different clinical situations, including pediatric dentistry. The anatomically shaped bands ensure excellent point-like interproximal contacts, something which I consider a positive benefit, especially when compared with other sectional matrix systems.”

- Stiliyana Zlateva 


"Consistently tight contacts, mimics natural tooth anatomy perfectly. Easy storage with the HALO carousel. Highly recommended!”

- Petteri Viljakainen DDS, AAACD


“I’m truly delighted by the variety of sizes and the stiffness of the matrices. Using the HALO matrix system gives us better shaped restorations. My patients and I are completely satisfied with the Halo system.”

- Anette Lund Wittorff 


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