Ultradent Products, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials, is introducing the latest addition in the Gemini laser family, the Gemini EVO™ diode laser.

The Gemini EVO laser provides 100 watts of peak power—5x the power of the original Gemini laser—for faster cutting, less heat, and ultra-clean incisions in soft tissue. User-friendly operation is facilitated through a guided touch interface and multiple preset procedures are divided into three categories for efficient, intuitive use. Wi-Fi connectivity allows for over-the-air updates with dedicated tech support—there’s also a mobile app and dashboard to monitor usage statistics, including ROI.

Three PBM adapters are included with the Gemini EVO laser (3 mm, 7 mm, and 25 mm) so clinicians can take full advantage of laser technology in their office—it also features a two-year warranty (which can be extended), has three wavelength modes, and uses the same tips as the original Gemini™ laser.

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