By James Wright, DDS

This edition of Clinical Tips welcomes Dr. James M. Wright, and his experience with J-Temp temporary resin.

What makes J-Temp resin different?

“J-temp is so versatile. It comes in a syringe and can be dispensed as a flowable like material. It is light cured which speeds up the final steps of treatment that require a temporary restoration.”

What kind of procedures does it work best in?

“If a patient presents with a chipped tooth that would require a crown, J-Temp is great to be able to recreate the proper anatomy for an impression for a provisional crown.
It can [also] be used to temporize an access hole for a root canal. It is simple to use by injecting the material right into the root canal access area and light curing the material (after which it is an easy occlusal adjustment). You no longer have to deal with a temporary material that is soft and having to wait for it to set. When the patient returns for a final restoration, it removes easily and leaves no residue like Cavit* or IRM.

Another use for root canals is if there is loss of tooth structure (which would make it difficult to place the rubber dam clamp on the tooth). Again, a fast and simple way to build the area up to support a clamp can be done with J-Temp, often without the need to bond the material.

When temporizing for an onlay or inlay restoration it is simple to place J-Temp with any choice of matrix system to establish ideal contacts. The benefits of a light-cured material is ease of placement, and the speed of set time allowing for a quick set, and occlusal adjustment with a high speed handpiece.

Another great use for a dental implant supported is when the doctor is taking an impression for an implant supported bridge. Sometimes during the impression there can be distortion, pulling the impressions coping towards one another. J-Temp can be placed as a splinting agent to stabilize the impression copings and helping to prevent distortion.

When an internal teeth whitening procedure is required, J-Temp is a quick and easy way to seal the teeth whitening material in the tooth for the patient return after the treatment is completed.”
More Helpful Benefits

J-Temp temporary resin provides a seal that cures void free in a moist environment. It is self-leveling, allowing for an even distribution of material — which provides an excellent seal that can be removed easily with a standard bur when treatment is resumed. It also can be light cured for quick setting. “The light purple color makes it easy to see and remove [. . .] When it comes down to it, speed and ease of use make J-Temp for me a superior temporary material.”

To sum up: J-Temp resin provides one chemistry for multiple indications, self-leveling viscosity and light-cured speed, as well as the benefits of a pre-mixed and easy delivery through the Ultradent Products Black Mini™ Tip.

A Little Bit About J-Temp Resin

It was developed with the intention to create one product that can be used for four different procedures/indications:

•    Temporary restorations
•    Splinting between dental implant abutments for multiple implant impressions
•    Structure for isolation clamping and a barrier for irrigants
•    Bite ramps and temporary occlusal build ups

Basically, one product for various procedures will save both time, money, and inventory for dentists and endodontists.

J-Temp temporary resin


More About the Doctor:


Dr. Wright studied dentistry at the Marquette University School of Dentistry. Today, he provides general family and cosmetic dentistry services at Eagle Gate Dental in Salt Lake City. He is passionate about oral health care, and he is committed to serving the surrounding community with exceptional care and treatment



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