Who isn’t familiar with most patients’ desire for whiter teeth and a brighter smile? Help them reach their goal with 12 easy tips and tricks - beyond tooth whitening and preventive care! They will love you!


#1 Opalescence-12-Days-Social-IG-TwoToothbrushes

Tip #1

Brush your teeth two times a day to help keep stains off.


#2 Opalescence-12-Days-Social-IG-Coffee

Tip #2

Coffee lover? Try drinking your coffee through a straw to help prevent coffee not touch your front teeth.


#3 Opalescence-12-Days-Social-IG-Swish

Tip #3

Soda, Pop, Coke, whatever you call it—swish with water after you drink to help your teeth stay pearly white.


#4 Opalescence-12-Days-Social-IG-Cheese

Tip #4

Eat foods like cheese to remove plaque from your teeth. The less plaque the less staining! Plus calcium and vitamin D help strengthen your teeth. Win! Win!



Tip #5

Purchase a "soft" toothbrush to not damage your teeth when brushing. Hard toothbrushes can damage your gums and teeth and cause yellow to show above your gumline.



#6 Opalescence-12-Days-Social-IG-GetTeethCleaned

Tip #6

Get your teeth cleaned two times a year from your dental hygienist. They are trained professionals to help keep your teeth clean and healthy. Plus they get those hard to reach places.


#7 Opalescence-12-Days-Social-IG-RedWine

Tip #7

If you are a wine drinker start with red wine and end with white. Wine is acidic and can cause slight etching. When you start with red and end with white you don't have to worry about the white wine staining!


#8 Opalescence-12-Days-Social-IG-Flossing

Tip #8

Flossing is hard, we know! Floss to help prevent stains in-between your teeth. We recommended flossing every day, but even a few times a week will help your teeth shine and keep your gums healthy.


#9 Opalescence-12-Days-Social-IG-ToothpasteHoliday

Tip #9

Use a whitening toothpaste every other day with a soft toothbrush to maintain those bright white smiles. If you use Opalescence™ whitening toothpaste, you can use it twice a day!



#10 Opalescence-12-Days-Social-IG-Retainer

Tip #10

Do you wear a nighttime appliance? Clean your appliance in white vinegar and rinse with tap water. The cleaner your appliance, the whiter your teeth will be!


#11 Opalescence-12-Days-Social-IG-GoTrays

Tip #11

Use our Opalescence Go™ whitening trays!  They are easy to use, time efficient, and give you great results. Make sure to consult your dentist first before use.


#12 Opalescence-12-Days-Social-IG-Lipstick

Tips #12

If you eat something that would stain a white shirt it will stain your teeth (Who knew?!) Rinse with water after you are done with your meal to help your teeth stay white like your shirt! ;)

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