Tooth whitening can have many faces. The indications and requirements are as different as the variety of existing treatment concepts: equally in terms of the application duration and in terms of the practical expenditure of time and money. Therefore, it is recommendable to determine the patients’ requirements and objectives in detail prior to the start of a specific treatment protocol. A suitable opportunity is provided during the regular oral hygiene sessions which, by the way, build the foundation of every whitening treatment.

I recently performed am oral hygiene session in the practice on a 29-year-old female patient. She had the wish to whiten her teeth in a quick and uncomplicated way and asked me directly how this could best be done. She wanted the color of her teeth should be whitened, however she did not aim to achieve an unnatural white shade. The initial situation was characterized by a well-maintained general condition without visible fillings and a relatively bright natural tooth color.

Opalescence Go_Before_©Tanja Funk
Initial situation: before the whitening treatment. ©Tanja Funk


On the basis of this positive overall condition and the patient’s objectives, I spontaneously recommended the use of Opalescence Go™ whitening from Ultradent Products. After a brief instruction in the practice, Opalescence Go whitening can easily and independently be used at home without the need of producing individual trays. Consequently, we scheduled a follow-up appointment for the start of the whitening treatment only a few weeks later.



During the introduction and patient education, it is particularly important to me to involve the patients actively in the treatment protocol. We always determine the initial tooth color together. Using a little hand mirror patients are able to see their tooth color, as well as the VITA shade guide, and evaluate the situation accordingly. In this case we defined the natural initial shade A2.

Opalescence Go_Determination of tooth shade_001_©Tanja Funk
Determination of the initial color with the VITA shade guide. ©Tanja Funk


In order to benefit from the results as long as possible patients should motivated not to consume staining foods or drinks (e. g. coffee, tea, red wine or nicotine) during the whitening process — as adverse effects could occur from.

Opalescence Go_Consultation_001_©Tanja Funk
Patient education on tooth whitening. ©Tanja Funk

Next, I explained the correct use of Opalescence Go whitening and we immediately placed the first tray together in the patient’s mouth. The handling itself was extremely easy and uncomplicated, since the prefilled tray was ready-to-use directly out of the package. The disposable product only had to be aligned on the arch. After a slight bite down and sucking, the outer tray was removed. After another sucking motion everything was ready to go! The wear time of the first tray was 60 minutes.


Education on the handling and placement of the prefilled, ready-to-use Opalescence GoTM whitening tray in the patient’s mouth. ©Tanja Funk


My patients highly appreciate the transparent trays, which are exceptionally discreet and comfortable to wear — even speaking is not a problem at all. This way, the professional tooth whitening process can be flexibly integrated into everyday life — whether at home, during shopping or at work.

In the days that followed my patient used one Opalescence Go whitening at home daily, wearing it for 90 minutes each. After the third treatment, already a considerable change of the tooth color became evident.

Opalescence Go_After 3 trays_©Tanja Funk
Observation: after 3 Opalescence GoTM whitening trays. ©Tanja Funk


By the seventh tray, slight sensitivities occurred. This is actually rarely the case, thanks to the gel’s gentle PF formula with potassium nitrate and fluoride. A quick and successful treatment with fluoride gel and UltraEZ™ desensitizing gel helped the patient to overcome the sensitivities entirely.


After the eighth tray, the patient was extremely happy with the result and did not consider any further applications. Within a few days and with very little effort only, Opalescence Go whitening trays achieved a beautiful and brilliant M2 shade (equivalent to approx. A1.5) .

Opalescence Go_After 3 trays_©Tanja Funk
Final result: after 8 Opalescence GoTM  whitening trays. ©Tanja Funk

Since the gel, unlike many over-the-counter whitening products, does not overflow the tray the results are very consistent — even in the approximal areas. The remaining trays can be kept and used for a touch-up or for a special occasion at a later point. At the end of the treatment the patient received a fluoride treatment in the practice, as well as the advice to specifically use OpalescenceTM Whitening Toothpaste to keep a bright smile for the longest possible period of time.

Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste.jpg


This is just one of many cases in which cosmetic tooth whitening with Opalescence Go achieved convincing results — quickly and easily. Our practice team appreciates the simple instruction process with short chair times, which can be independently performed by the assistant. Due to the low costs, the practice additionally benefits from interesting economic and time savings.

I passionately use Opalescence Go for the whitening of my own teeth too. The product is extremely popular with patients of all ages, not just due to its ease of use, its flawless results, and its affordable price. It’s rather the fact that patients can decide daily and autonomously where, when, and how long they want to perform the whitening treatment. It’s hardly possible to find a more uncomplicated and independent way!

Depending on the individual objectives and requirements, we additionally use other products of the Opalescence™ whitening family in the practice. The comprehensive product range has been well established in the market for many years, and can be used for various cosmetic and medical indications. A well thought concept and perfection all around — for everyone.


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About the author

Tanja Funk is a dental assistant (ZMF) in the dental practice
Zahnmedizin am Turmhof, Sophia Kam in Cologne. She is responsible for Prophylaxis, professional oral hygiene, tooth whitening (since 2008) and preventive care for children.





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