NThis year Ultradent Products unveiled new packaging for its hallmark professional take-home tooth whitening system, Opalescence® PF. The new look of the Opalescence PF whitening system showcases a modern, sophisticated, clean aesthetic and utilizes less plastic than its predecessor. The new packaging also features a nesting concept, which maximizes space and gives each product element a designated place for easy access and product storage. The box uses an invisible magnetic closure, making it easy and desirable to save and reuse, adding to the environmentally friendly, contemporary appeal.  

Additionally to the new packaging there is another exciting update: Opalescence PF does not need to be stored refrigerated any longer. Storage at room temperature is sufficient and makes the handling of Opalescence PF even more convenient for both the dental practice and the patient at home. The shelf-life and effectiveness of Opalescence PF is not affected by this change.

Opalescence _PF_10_Regular_Patient kit_2018 copyOpalescence PF 10% Patient Kit


The Opalescence PF tooth whitening system has ranked as the number one professional whitening system worldwide since its release in 1990. The award-winning system features customized take-home whitening trays with syringe-delivered whitening gel. Opalescence® whitening gel is known for its sticky, viscous texture, which allows it to stay on the tooth instead of migrating to tissues to provide maximum whitening results with minimum sensitivity. Opalescence PF whitening comes in 10% and 16% carbamide peroxide concentrations and in regular, mint and melon flavor. The product also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride.

The Opalescence PF tooth whitening system is recommended for whitening of discolored teeth prior to placement of composite, veneers, or crowns. It is effective in removing some, or all, internal tooth discolorations due to congenital, systemic, pharmacologic, and traumatic factors, as well as aging. It has even been successful in resolving staining due to fluorosis and tetracycline.1,2


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